A Strong Finish at Home

      Last week I enjoyed a wonderful experience celebrating survivors and remembering those lost to breast cancer at the Susan Komen Race for the Cure in Washington, DC. Saturday I completed the twofer by running the KomenDetroit race. Where The DC event was more of a communal celebration Detroit was more commemorative and personal. ReturningContinue reading “A Strong Finish at Home”

In Memory of a Champion

   Today, on Mother’s Day weekend, thousands of Breast Cancer Survivors, their supporter, family and friends as well as those who have been impacted by this terrible disease ran, walked, danced and celebrated in support of a cure in Washington, DC. I am a relative newcomer to this annual event in the city in whichContinue reading “In Memory of a Champion”

A Short Life With An Eternal Impact

“All you can take with you, is that which you’ve given away” -from It’s A Wonderful Life After an emotional couple of weeks I felt compelled to update my previous blog about Jawhar. We were honored to be able to visit him once again, to celebrate his 19th birthday, a day that the doctors didn’tContinue reading “A Short Life With An Eternal Impact”

When Silence Kills

While I am optimistic about what 2014 holds for many of us, I must begin this year on a somber note. A growing epidemic is sweeping the country affecting people regardless of race, gender or age. Mental illness in its many forms from depression, to anxiety, to bi-polar disorder is having a negative impact aroundContinue reading “When Silence Kills”