A Moment We Can’t Miss

In the wake, both figuratively and literally of a stream of events that have demonstrated a very disturbing view of the intersection of law and justice with regards to the deaths of numerous African-American males in this country among others, we as a society again are having a conversation about race, diversity and justice. WhileContinue reading “A Moment We Can’t Miss”

Diversity: A Broad View

Much has been written about and is available about the lack of diversity within the tech field, particularly at  larger social media firms and product companies such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Apple and others. Much has also been written about proposed causes for these diversity gaps, positing everything from systematic problems such as talent gapsContinue reading “Diversity: A Broad View”

The Power of Accountability

Unfortunately, past, current and future headlines have and will continue to include cautionary tales of leadership and organizational flaws which open up non-profit organizations to civil, legal and even criminal allegations and charges. Regardless of innocence or guilt, these situations are certainly unwanted, serve as major distractions and can often derail or even destroy anContinue reading “The Power of Accountability”